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Is the Digital Altitude a scam? It’s what you want to know. It’s what you’re searching for.

So I’ll answer it.

You’ve seen Digital Altitude somewhere. You’re curious, even tempted to join straight up.

But something inside you tells you just to dig a little further.

Do a bit more investigative work……..

I mean, it seems so amazing that it simply must be a scam, right?

So why tip-toe around the issue when it’s the question we all want answered?

And believe me, it’s the question I get asked every single day.

No matter if someone’s spent weeks looking at this website, or days, or just a couple minutes.

And even sat down with me in person…..

The furtive eyes, the glance down to the shoes, the deep breath……

I’ve seen it so many times it’s like a little dance I know the steps to……

A couple chit chat questions here. A couple polite comments there.

Then bingo: So Iain, Is the Digital Altitude a scam?

Never mind the fact it’s not ‘the’ Digital Altitude……I let that pass.

I answer this perfectly understandable and reasonable question every day, so why not make a post about it?

Why do people ask ‘Is The Digital Altitude A Scam’?

Why? Because that’s how humans are. It’s human nature.

Think about it, whenever anything is new in life it’s human nature to always question it. To greet it with incredible, unfounded suspicion.

To furrow our brows, squint our eyes and tut tut tut because something is new and we don’t know what it is.

Let me give you a few common examples.

Such as strangers……from the time we’re old enough to understand our parents’ advice, we’re told not to talk to strangers, or people we’ve never met before.

Be wary of them and don’t accept anything from them. Don’t even look them in the eye!

Or when food we’ve never eaten before is placed in front of us on a plate, we scrunch our faces up tightly and we look at it this ‘thing’ in front of us with great suspicion – prodding and poking and turning it upside down and inside out.

‘It won’t kill us, will it?’ we ask……..

Heck, I know people who travel overseas and take boxes of food from their own kitchen for fear of the ‘new stuff’ they might be forced to eat!

So when it comes to making money online of course we’re going to be suspicious when a new company comes along and starts doing things that other companies have never done before.


And starts having results that have never been seen before by people trying to make money online.

And so this is the position we find ourselves in now with Digital Altitude Aspire.

So What Is Digital Altitude Exactly?

Briefly, it’s a complete, done for you business system that teaches you how to build an online business the right way.

It offers you a training program that enables you turn your passions in the real world into a booming business in the online world.

This could be through, but not limited to:

  • personal interests
  • hobbies
  • your passions
  • an area of expertise you have


Or if it’s none of these, the Digital Altitude training program and coaches will show you exactly what you need to do in order to make consistent money online with their own suite of products and courses.

See, creating your own online business isn’t anything to be scared about.

In truth, it’s exciting and fun coz of the endless possibilities. And you can do it all in your own time.

The end result through the training with the Digital Altitude Aspire system is that by building your online business, you can earn enough money for your future.

This can help you with things such as:

  • Quitting your 9-5 job.
  • Keeping your job and supplementing your current income.
  • Having more free time for yourself and the things in life you love doing
  • Spending more time with your family and loved ones

In short: financial freedom and financial choices.

The Digital Altitude products and courses are high ticket items that pay up to 60% commissions when you sell them.

is the digital altitude a scam

Along with the comprehensive training and 24/7 support, the Digital Altitude Aspire system takes care of the sales, the email list building, the e-commerce, the advertising, the mailing, and the creation of the products.

It even has coaches who tutor you 1-1 and actually do all the selling for you.

The commissions you receive range anywhere from $1,200 for the ‘Rise’ course to $16,800 for the ‘Apex’ course.

So when people see payouts like these and see people making commissions like these, of course they’re going to be wary.

First they always say ‘seems too good to be true’

And then they ask the inevitable…… ‘Is the Digital Altitude a scam?

It’s human nature to fear the unknown, remember? Especially when it looks this good!

What Does Scam Mean?

So in order to answer the question of ‘Is the Digital Altitude a scam or not?’, we need to understand what exactly ‘scam’ means.

You can see from this screen grab below how businessdictionary.com defines ‘scam’.

is the digital altitude a scam
So keeping this definition in mind let’s examine: is the Digital Altitude a scam or not?

First off the bat, it is difficult to understand how Digital Altitude Aspire could be ‘fraudulent’ or some kind of ‘scheme’ when it’s free for 14 days.

That’s right, you get completely free membership and total access to the system for two full weeks without having to pay a single cent. Don’t believe me?

Just click on this link here for the Digital Altitude Aspire free trial and you’ll see for yourself

So when something is free for 14 days and you have total access to the system……

……and total access to looking at what everything is and how everything works without having to make any kind of financial commitment….

….in my eyes it’s really difficult to see how it could be considered a scam?

Especially when using the definition above.

Gyms And Newspapers And Greenpeace Are Scams!

Let’s look at other organisations in comparison then…..

Like millions of deluded others, I once made my new year’s resolution to lose weight and gain muscle and quit junk food…..

So like most schlups, I joined a gym.

Then after a few months of huffing and puffing, like everyone else, I decided it wasn’t for me any more.

Lo and behold two months later I happened to check my bank statement and I noticed that the gym had been taking my money out for my membership.

I went and asked them about it and they said yes, the membership is set up so that even when you cancel your membership to ‘attend and use the facilities’, you still continued paying a monthly fee unless you actually cancelled that as well.

They were two separate things. Cheeky devils!

Now that is a scam!


Even Greenpeace, that lovable eco-friendly organisation, has been taking my money without my permission for about 20 years now! I kid you not.

Every time I try to cancel I never get a reply from them. I guess they’re out saving whales…..

I signed up once for a $50 payment 20 odd years ago when I was a barefoot student at Sydney University…..

And suddenly found that they’d put me into an ongoing recurring payment plan……

It’s just as well I love dolphins and whales and don’t really mind such a donation!

Does Digital Altitude Scam You?

So what about the Digital Altitude Aspire system?

How is that set up and does it sneakily, fraudulently, or schemingly scam you out of your money?

Well……..take a look at the pic below.


When you sign up for the 14 day free trial with Digital Altitude Aspire YOU actually have to tick a box to allow yourself to continue in the system.YOU have to tick the box yourself to enable your ongoing membership.

Digital Altitude has not sneakily ticked the box by default for you……without your permission….

Now you think about all of the other systems and all of the other things online that you join up with and sign up for.

Things like newsletters and frequent flyer programs and online newspaper subscriptions…… And Greenpeace!!

Whenever you sign up for these things, by default, they have always ticked the box that says ‘yes send me information’. ‘Yes send me emails’. ‘Yes keep me in the loop’.

But Digital Altitude? The Digital Altitude Aspire system, by default, does NOT do this. It does NOT set up some kind of recurring payment automatically.

It doesn’t set up ANY payment.

It’s free for 14 days then YOU must decide if you want to continue……..

The default is to cancel your membership after 14 days if you do not update and opt in.

It is the total opposite of my gym and Greenpeace and about 90% of other online things out there.

So is the Digital Altitude a scam or not?

To me, it’s absolutely ridiculous to suggest that it is.

If you go beyond the 14 days and you decide to optin it’s because:

  • you have spoken to the coaches
  • and you have seen the system
  • you have taken advantage of your free 14 days
  • and you like what you’ve seen

No one is hoodwinked into signing up for anything.

You get a free 14 day membership to check everything out, think about it, use the resources, talk to the coaches, and then make a decision.

Without any financial obligations whatsoever.

Free To See Digital Altitude On Facebook

Aside from the fact that Digital Altitude Aspire does not charge you anything during your free 14 day membership, it also shows itself, and its results, to the world on Facebook every day.

Every single day on Facebook, Digital Altitude Aspire advertises and displays the success that its members are having.

People who have never earned online before are now making commissions.

People who were earning okay money before are now earning great money.

And people who were earning great money before are now earning money that I have never seen before in any kind of online system.


.So surely if something was a scam….

Number 1: it wouldn’t be showing itself so openly on the most visited social media platform in the world  – in fact the most visited website in the world……

Number 2: it wouldn’t be able to consistently show you the success stories that it’s having every single day.

I mean, you can’t just create these people out of thin air. It’s Facebook. These are real people with real Facebook profiles.

Digital Altitude Aspire is just tagging these people who are active members of the Digital Altitude Facebook group.

These are all real people having real success.

The Final Verdict – Is The Digital Altitude A Scam?

So the final verdict – is the Digital Altitude a scam? Quite clearly it isn’t.

It’s human nature not to trust something that’s new.

It’s human nature to be suspicious of something we’re not sure of.

But proof is proof and transparency is transparency. By any definition, the Digital Altitude is not a scam.

It offers free membership for 14 days where you can check everything out and see this system that’s changing the way people earn online.

This new system, that is less than one year old, is giving commissions and payments and learning potential to people like no other system ever before.

But you know what?

I can only say so much…….if you really want to know is the Digital Altitude a scam or not, why not just join up for free?

And see for yourself?

You can do that right here, right now, and make your own decision.

Just click below and I will personally welcome you into my team – well over 1,000 strong now.


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Is The Digital Altitude A Scam? – This Will Shock You — 12 Comments

  1. Thank you for your reviewing this program. Obviously,there are a lot of scams out there and people don’t know what program is trustworthy. I heard about Digital Altitude and I agree with you, it’s a complete, done for you business system that teaches people how to build an online business the right way.

  2. Obviously, Digital Altitude is not a scam. It is a high-end product. I am not sure if it could be called a personal development program or a business development program. From my experience,development programs costs cover the spectrum from high to low end. I have attended several executive development workshops at a top American university (paid for by my employer). People may call DA a scam because of the price. Problem is that they have no way of evaluating the VALUE of the DA program.

    • Hey there Glen, thanks for your insight. I agree completely, no way is the Digital Altitude a scam but sometimes people believe that anything that costs money must be a scam…it’s why I stress time and again that when you start with Digital Altitude, you are starting your own business. It’s not a hobby. And it’s not a get-rich-quick scheme (though it has been for many!). It’s a business.
      Then I ask them, in what world does it cost you as little as what you have to pay with Digital Altitude to start your own business? That is turning into $30k/mo for some people in less than 2 years!!
      Think that’s a stretch? Read this here for absolute evidence. Granted, it’s not the norm, but where else can you turn a one time $2k payout into a potential $30k/mo business in under 2 years?!?
      I have a Ph.D in education and I’ve barely had a pay rise in 10 years. And I would never ever get close to $30k/mo on my professor salary…….
      In terms of how you VALUE the Digital Altitude Aspire program, it’s a good point you make.
      I can only talks in terms of what it has done for me.
      When I started with Digital Altitude, across all social media platforms (FB, IG, Twitter etc) I had about 1,000 followers if that. In under 12 months, using the tools and resources and support from Digital Altitude, I am now about to hit 100,000 followers across all accounts.
      That 100,000 followers has turned into a great revenue source for me.
      Not only with Digital Altitude, but with other unrelated businesses such as photography.
      The whole reason I started with Digital Altitude was coz my photography business hadn’t exploded like I’d dreamed of.
      Now, with thanks to the training I’ve received from the Digital Altitude products, my photography business has never been better, and I’ve never been busier producing prints for people around the world……
      So it helps with your online business of course, but it also helps with any offline business you may have.
      So you must also include that when you’re trying to calculate the value of the program.
      Anyone can try it out free for 14 days, so as I say to everyone why not check it out yourslef and I’ll be here to help you 🙂
      Have a great day!

  3. I’ve looked into this program before and my research led me to know more about Michael Force, the so-called founder. Apparently, he has many black records for internet scams and was also associated to Empower Network at some point.

    I can’t remember all the details, but when the founder’s background is dodgy, I would stay away from their program no matter how promising it appears to be.

    • Hi Cathy, thanks for your comment. To be honest, I haven’t been in the online world long enough to know of the reputations of certain people, or care much about who did what and when.
      But what I do know is that IF Micheal Force was involved with Empower Network and left that company to create Digital Altitude, then I stand up and applaud him and thank him.
      Because that means he saw, and knew, that EN was not well run, and that it didn’t feel right to so many people, and that there was a better way to run an online business.
      I too was involved with Empower Network (I hope that doesn’t make me dodgy?!?) and once they’d roped me in, I never heard boo from anyone. Especially my sponsor – the owner!!
      I didn’t like the way they emailed people, or put the hard sell on people, or how certain people presented themselves and the business.
      So when Digital Altitude started earlier this year, sooooo many people jumped ship from Empower Network over to Digital Altitude Aspire.
      My team is over 1,000 strong now, and I would honestly say that more than 50% of my team left Empower Network to join Digital Altitude. Purely because for so many people, EN never really sat well with them.
      In my experience to date, Digital Altitude has been fantastic. Nothing scammy, nothing dodgy.
      In 6 months with Empower Network I made one $7 sale and that was refunded!
      After 6 weeks with Digital Altitude Aspire I made my first $2,000 Rise sale and it has just gone from there.
      So if Michael Force was with Empower Network, and he left it to create Digital Altitude, then again, I can only say ‘thank you’ to him.
      Coz no way is the Digital Altitude a scam in my view.
      And as I’ve said, it’s completely free for 14 days to try out. You can see for yourself here.
      Have a great day.

  4. I have never heard of Digital Altitude before, however, whenever I come across this type of program I’m always skeptical. I’m skeptical because there are so many programs like this that are scams. It’s good to know that Digital Altitude is not a scam. I think it’s really great that they allow you to try it out for 14 days for free. It looks enticing, I’m tempted to try it out. Thanks for writing this review.

    • Hey there. Yes I completely agree. I have been involved with a few dodgy programs in my time and to be honest, you always kind of feel right from the outset that all is not what it seems. Perhaps my naivety and desire to succeed online in my early days led me to ignore the warning signs……
      But I have not felt that from Digital Altitude ever. Not from Day 1 and not now. To me, no way is the Digital Altitude a scam…..
      And I feel it’s no coincidence that soooo many people from other online programs have ‘jumped ship’ and left to become Digital Altitude Aspire members…..
      When it’s free to try out for 14 days, I guess that tempts a lot of people to check out themselves too.
      Have a great day 🙂

  5. Although I am not personally involved with Digital Altitude, I agree with your points here. And, I have friends who are doing great with this company. If a company is helping a lot of people, and the product comes in high prices, can we call it a scam? Definitely not.

    Price is relative, and it depends on the perceive value of the people buying the product. Things like Rolex watch do not come in cheap prices, but rather expensive. But why are people buying them? Because of the perceived value. So, the same with companies like Digital Altitude.

    • Yes I agree Gomer. You provide a good example about perceived value and I like how you used Rolex to show that.
      One slight difference though is that when you buy a Rolex, or anything expensive like that, you don’t get your money back on it, and you certainly can’t make a profit or a lifetime salary from it.
      Yes, you do need to purchase the Digital Altitude products, but you only need to sell them 3 times to make your money back. Then from there on, you start making a profit every time you sell them.
      And the coaches do all the work for you…..
      I write about the value of high commission products here.
      I don’t know of anything else where you can make your money back so quickly then triple it, quadruple and more within months. Then making a lifetime living from it….
      I wish your friends the best 🙂

  6. Hi, I had a look at your review of Digital Altitude, first of all I like your review, it is clear and informative and proofs that Digital Altitude is not a scam. I wonder if this is a global business and if anybody can join? I have a think and might come back asking you for more information.

    Thanks fro taking the time to write this review!

    • Hi there Rocco, thanks for your comment. To me it’s obvious no way is the Digital Altitude a scam but it’s nice to see your comments.
      Yes, it’s a global business and yes, anyone can join.
      You can take a free 14 day trial here and I’ll welcome you on to my team. Either way, I’m always here if you have some questions.

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